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Sleeve Nuts

Sleeve Nut Applications

Sleeve nuts are used to couple tie rods and provide a limited degree of length adjustment (typically 4 to 5 inches). They are often used in place of turnbuckles when high strength rods are specified.

Relevant Standards

Sleeve nut dimensions are shown in the American Institute of Steel Construction Inc. (AISC) Steel Construction Manual, 13th edition, page 15-17. When requested, we can also certify chemical and mechanical properties to ASTM nut specifications (A563 or A194).


Standard sleeve nuts are produced from ASTM A108 grade 12L14 hexagon or round bars with 50 Ksi minimum yield strength. Other available materials include 1045, 4140, structural grades and stainless steels.


Standard finish is plain with either a cold drawn or hot rolled mill finish, depending on the type of bar stock used. Hot dip galvanizing is available as well as zinc electroplating.


Standard threads are UNC 2B, RH/LH, with other thread series and profiles available by special order. Hot dip galvanized sleeve nuts are normally tapped oversize after galvanizing to accommodated the zinc coating on the rod threads. Sleeve nuts are also frequently threaded RH/RH for use as extra long coupling nuts. Standard parts are tapped from each end to a depth of L/2, so that rods may be threaded all the way to the center of the nut. If the overall length of the sleeve nut prohibits tapping to a depth of L/2, the center of the nut can be relieved on thread sizes 3" and larger.


Refer to the sleeve nut table for sleeve nut dimensions. Some of the sizes listed in this table have an ‘Across Flats Size’ slightly larger than that called for by AISC due to commercial availability of hexagon bar stock. Because of limited availability of hex bar stock larger than 3-1/2", sleeve nuts with thread sizes 2-1/2" and larger are usually made from round bar. These larger parts can be provided with milled wrench flats or a milled hex. Tapered ends can also be provided, as shown in the AISC manual.

Notes Regarding Strength

As noted in the AISC Manual of Steel Construction, sleeve nuts will be stronger than their corresponding connecting rods when made from the same material. Because hex stock is not produced in the structural grades used for tie rods, our standard hex sleeve nuts are produced from steel with 50 Ksi minimum yield strength to ensure compatibility with both grade 36 and grade 50 rods. These parts can also be certified to ASTM A563 grade A.

When high strength rods are specified, sleeve nuts produced to meet ASTM A563 grade DH and A194 grade 2H and grade 7 can be provided. These parts will meet all chemical and mechanical properties called for in those specifications. In order to meet these strength requirements, the rods must be threaded into the sleeve nut for a distance equal to or greater than the thread size.

Download the Sleeve Nut Data Sheet pdf.