What We Do: Structural Steel Fasteners | Wecall Inc

Focused on Fasteners

Chances are Wecall products play a supporting role in your everyday life—in buildings, on bridges and along highways. Wecall designs and manufactures specialty fasteners primarily for use in steel, concrete and timber construction.

High-strength, reliable components are the reason Wecall products are the fasteners of choice for heavy industries like mining, stone processing, steelmaking and power generation. Wecall also produces custom fasteners for eye-catching architectural projects and important historic-preservation initiatives.

Some notable projects that rely on Wecall fasteners include the Cardinals stadium in Glendale, Arizona; the replacement I-35W bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota; and the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in metropolitan Washington, D.C. Most of our products can be specified in a wide variety of configurations, so our manufacturing strategy is oriented toward ‘make to order’ and fast turnaround times.

A Superior Level of Service

What sets Wecall apart is its dedicated team of capable and passionate employees, wide-ranging engineering expertise, extensive knowledge of fastener and construction industry specifications, and an established network of topnotch steel suppliers, distributors, and specialty sub-contractors.

Our mission is to help you be more valuable to your customers by providing ‘hard-to-find’ fastening products that make each project a success.

Sleeve nuts and clevises for Cardinals Stadium

Wecall sleeve nuts and #7 forged clevises used in the cross-bracing of super-trusses supporting the Cardinals Stadium's moveable roof

Machined clevises for Gaylord Hotel

Machined Wecall #8 clevises used in the curtain-wall truss at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

Machined stainless steel clevises

Custom machined stainless steel clevises supporting the entry canopy at the Oregon Convention Center